Improper behavior by someone who is not Asking Forgivenerss



How does one come to forgive and forget when the behavior is disturbing and continual? (Tochacha is not an option)


To the Questioner, 

One does not have to forgive halachically unless the offensive party came to request forgiveness. 

Source: Orach Chaim 606:1.

When it is not possible to do anything about an injustice here in the world, it is possible to daven about it and ask that Hashem set it straight. 

Source: Talmud Bava Kama 93a. 

Nonetheless, it is not praiseworthy (ibid), and on the level of doing "more than what's the exact line of halacha" it's better never to “send it up” to Hashem to set it straight. 

Source: P'nei Yehoshua Gittin 7a. 

It is much better to endure the difficulty if at all possible, and in that merit Hashem erases all the iniquities of the person who is suffering. 

Source: Rosh Hashana 17a.  

May Hashem help and each and every Jewish person be saved from injustice and improper behavior. 

With blessings, 
Rav Nachum