Wafers for dessert



The other day I had lunch, a sandwich,  at work. After I finished eating, a friend asked me if I wanted to have some wafers and I agreed. Did I need to make a Mezonot on them or was it exempted by my original bracha?



If you ate the wafer for dessert then you should say on them Mezonot but if you’re still hungry and wanted more food then you should not make any bracha.

The Gemara in Brachot 41b:They brought out figs and grapes during the meal-Ra Huna said they need a bracha beforehand but not after and so said Rav Nachman they need a bracha before but not after and Rav Sheshet said they need a bracha before and after since there is nothing which needs a bracha before but not after except Pat Habaah B’Kisnin. This disagrees with R’ Chiyya who said bread exempts all foods and wine exempts all drinks from brachot.
 The Rishonim have different understanding of Rav Sheshet:
Rashi writes since Pat Habaah B’Kisnin is bread with a lot of spices and nuts and almonds and we ate little of it, therefore we don’t need to make a bracha Mein Shalosh (Al Hamichya) afterward except Borei Nefashot.
Tosfot, the Rashba, Rabbeinu Yonah, Ra’ah, Ritva all write that Pat Habaah B’kisnin definitely requires Mein Shalosh after, Rav Sheshet was referring to during the meal that it does not need a bracha Acharona and Birkat Hamazon exempts it.
They also disagree on what the first bracha should be.

The Rashba is of the opinion that if one ate the Pat Habaah Bkisnin after the meal(dessert) but before Birkat Hamazon only then Rav Sheshet said to make a bracha Rishona, but if you ate during the meal whether it was to fill you or as a treat, it requires no bracha.
The Rosh though writes that even during the meal one needs to make a bracha unless it comes as part of the meal, to fill you up.

The Sefer Hashlama writes the Rashi (and the Rif) understood that ding the meal we do not make any bracha on Pat Habaah Bkisnin even for dessert, but he Raavad argues that for dessert you say a bracha before. He rules like Rashi and the Rif.
The Shulchan Aruch in 168:8 writes: (Those things which are Mezonot) if eaten during the meal as a treat require a bracha before but not after.
What is Pat Habaah Bkisnin?

The Rach, Aruch, and Rashba say it is bread with pockets filled with honey and almonds and spices.
The Rambam writes it is dough kneaded with honey or spices or milk or spices.
R’ Hai Gaon says it is crispy crunchy bread like crackers.
The Shulchan Aruch quotes all three opinions as halacha. Since it is in doubt then we say Mezonot on all three but not Hamotzi.

During the meal, if you eat food which has only one definition f0 Pat Habaah Bkisnin you can not make a bracha because maybe it is Hamotzi. The Biur Halacha writes that during the meal one makes bracha on things which fulfill all three definitions like “wafers” which are filled with sweet and are crunchy. So ruled the Noda BeYehuda and the Graz.
So ruled the Ohr Letziyon that we say Mezonot when they are served for dessert.
R’ Dovid Yosef one should not make any bracha on it during the seudah since it is a Safek.
The Yalkut Yosef writes one who eats wafers for dessert and the dough is sweet, if he wants to say Mezonot he has who to rely on.
This seems to be the general custom.