1. Nivul Peh 2. Olam HaBa 3. Gay issues



Dear Rabbi,

I greatly appreciate the provision of this service. I learned of the organization recently and had the z'chuis of making a donation to the Lag B'Omer appeal. If I may, I wish to pose 3 queries:

1. What constitutes nivul p'eh? What words are forbidden? Are the "F" word or the "s" word permissible? Does it depend on context?. May one read literature or listen to songs that contain nivul peh, such as rap music, which I am mad for?

2. Do any of the texts (Zohar, Midrash, Gemara) discuss that which happens to deceased non-Jews? When one says Kaddish, lights a yahrzeit candle=, learns Torah, fasts or donates tzedaka in the merit of decased Gentiles, does it have any impact on the neshama ( does it derive pleasure, is it elevated to a higher plane, can it be rescued from Gehenna? Will non Jews be resurrected?

3. I informed the rabbi who superintended my geirus that I am gay. I was informed that orientation is not problematic. One must refrain from prohibited actions. Are any of the following permissible to a gay Jewish man:

shaking a woman's hand
listening to a woman sing
being secluded with a woman

I would appreciate any insights or referral to sources.
I thank the rav. The rav and all Hidabroot staff, and subscribers and program participants should experience always health peace and prosperity and growth in Torah and mitzvos always.

Lommer deleben Moshiach.



To the Questioner, 

1. Nivel peh is speaking out any act, description or word reference to intimate relations, when not in the private context of conversation between one man and his wife. Even listening to nivel peh is destructive, see Ketubot 7b.

2. See Rambam Hilchot Melachim 8:11, who states that Righteous non-Jews have a portion in the World to Come. 

One may do an act for the uplifting of a non-Jewish soul, see https://www.hidabroot.org/question/29842.

3. Even if a person feels no pull, shaking a woman's hand is prohibited when done with any intent for closeness.
Listening to a woman sing is prohibited, if any type of enjoyment is derived. 
Being secluded with a woman is prohibited at all times unless her husband is in the city and can appear at any moment, or that the place of seclsion is exposed to a public area where there are constant passersby. 

All kosher geirus must be performed by an Orthodox Bet Din.
Orthodox conversion is possible only when the person converting accepts upon himself to fulfill all 613 commandments of the Torah. 

With blessing,