Giving Tzedakah to Non-Jews



I live a city where we are blessed to have many Aniyim, poor people coming around during Tefilla to collet money. The was one Ani wo seemed  a little different but I gave him Tzedakah every day anyway. One day it came to light that he isn’t Jewish he just knows that Jews give charity (MI K’Amcha Yisrael) so eh puts on a Kippah and collects. Is it permitted to give to him if nothing else but for a Kiddush Hashem?



Yes, we also support poor Non-Jews to make the peace even if they come by themselves.

Gittin 61a: The Rabbis taught we support Non-Jewish poor together with poor Jews and we also visit sick Non-Jews with sick Jews, dn we bury dead Non-Jews with Jewish Meitim because to keep peaceful ways.
Gemara Avoda Zara 20a: How do we know it forbidden to sell land in Eretz Yisrael to a Non-Jew? R’ Yossi b’R’ Chanina said the passuk says, “Lo Techanem.” (Devarim 7:12) Do not give them land to encamp on. But we need Lo Techanem to tell us not to praise them? If so the passuk would say Lo Techunam, Lo Techanem teaches us two things. But we need to tell us no to give them free gifts? If so the passuk would say Lo Techinam, Lo Techanam includes all three.
It would seem these two Gemaras are contradictory.

Tosfot answers that tzedakah isn’t a free gift since we get Shalom with them out of it.
Shu”t Hitorerut Teshuva says, that is why the Poskim say the word it permitted to support them the foe it should be forbidden to give them money or pose them or visit them when sick, therefore since it permitted to create peace with them or so they don’t get upset etc.

Giving Tzedakah isn’t just an ethical good for all men thing, it is for the mitzvah. Just like in Gittin R’ Eliezer freed his slave to complete a Minyan even though there is a prohibition of setting them free.
The Taz (YOD 151:9) explains that the Heter to give Tzedakah to Non-Jews is a novel idea because I would have thought it is cheapening the mitzvah of Chessed as fi it an ethical thing not a mitzvah.
So, we see it is permitted to give tzedakah to Goyim.

The Mordechai explains that we are only permitted to give them when they collect together with poor Jews  but when they come by themselves there is no Darkei Shalom, unless he sees that the Jews are getting and he is not.
The Ran (Gittin 28a ) argues that either way we give him Tzedakah.
The Rema YOD 251:1 write :we support poor Non-Jews when they come together with poor Jews-like the Mordechai.
The Shulchan Aruch YOD 151:12 does not differentiate : it is permitted to support their poor  and to visit their sick dn bury their Meitim dn eulogize them and comfort them because of Darkei Shalom.
The Shach in YOD 251:2 explains there is no disagreement and explains the Rema that the Rema is not only together but also by himself. So understands the Taz.

The Shulchan Aruch OH 694:3 writes: on Purim we don’t investigate who needs money but anyone who asks we give and where we support, the Non jewish poor as well we can also give Goyim. Mishna Berura says because of Darkei Shalom. But a city where they don not normally support them one who give some of Shlomo  his Purim money to Goyim is stealing from Jewish Aniyim and he thinks he is fulfilling Matanot Laevyonim.

Since it is permitted to give to Goy Tzedakah even where they don’t normally in you case since, he comes normally to collect you can still givne hm when he comes around collecting, even on Purim.