Hi, To make a long story short, This year bh i will be running a 10k in honor of my grandmother flora bat rina z'l in the jerusalem marathon as part of team shalva. Shalva is a non profit organization that helps children with disabilities in israel from birth to age 21. Ive been trying my very best to get donations but have not been so successful. People are able to donate on my donation page . Ive been praying to hashem that people would start to donate so that i can also help these children. Basically in my school i started a baking club last year and was the founder and president of the club meaning that i was taking care of everything. All the members were required to give me a certain amount of money in order to join the club. I ended up having money left over from the club. Am i allowed to donate the money to shalva and sponser myself since the money is going to shalva? If you can get back to me as son as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.


To the Questioner, 

If the money for the club was intended to cover all costs of the club over the year and all the costs were covered already, then you can donate the money to tzedaka and have in mind that it should also  be a merit for those who gave it initially. 

If it was stipulated that the money of the club would remain in a separate fund and would remain from year to year for the purpose of the club, and this was the intent of the members when giving it, then the money should remain in a fund for the club.