Buying a knife on Rosh Hashana eve



Is the custom to buy a new knife before a festival a proper custom? What is the source for it?


The book Segulot Israel (“Jewish Spiritual Remedies”) (Maarechet 200:4) mentions in the name of Mahari Zidichov that everyone should buy a new knife on Rosh Hashana eve and sharpen it as a spiritual remedy for a livelihood throughout the year. It is also cited in Zichron Tov (Inyanei Chidushei Toroto #14) that the holy Rav Yitzchak of Neschiz stated that the Chozeh of Lublin used to give out knives on Rosh Hashana to his close friends as a measure to bring them a livelihood.

In Hebrew the phrase “apportioning life to all the living” recited in our Rosh Hashana prayers derives from the word chotech, which means “cut.”