Women reciting Selichot at home



What should a woman who recites Selichot at home be careful about?


Although women are not required to recite Selichot during Elul (See Natei Gavriel on the Laws of Rosh Hashana 10:16), nevertheless they may say it and it is considered a virtuous act.

They should not say Selichot during the first half of the night but other hours are OK (Chazon Ovadia on the High Holidays, pages 2-3).

When reciting Selichot alone, they should not say the 13 Attributes of Mercy in the verse “Vaya’avor”  (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 565;5, and Mishna Berura 12).

They should also skip all the sections in Aramaic (Mishna Berura 581:4).