Standing or sitting during Selichot



Should one stand or sit when reciting Selichot?


It’s best to stand when reciting Selichot. Some say Zachor Rachamecha while sitting and then stand up to say Shema Kolenu. Whoever finds it difficult to stand during Selichot should at least stand when reciting Kel Melech Yoshev, the 13 Attributes of Mercy and Viduy (Mateh Efraim 581:18). It’s proper to sit when saying the paragraph Machi v’masi (See Natei Gavriel on Rosh Hashana 12:10).

According to the Sephardic custom, one should stand when reciting Selichot until “Ehyeh asher” and after nefilat apayim, and then stand again for the last 13 Attributes of Mercy until the end.