Rosh Hashana songs throughout the year



May one hear Selichot songs during the year when Selichot are not being said?


One can hear Selichot songs throughout the year, but it is preferable not to from Chanukah until the month of Tammuz.

Sources: Minhagei Mahareiv at the end of Ohr V’yesha (#751) who writes that one should not hear High Holiday songs from Chanukah to Tammuz. See Responsa Az Nidbaru Part 14 (21:2) who writes that he doesn’t know the source for not playing High Holiday tunes throughout the year, but it seems logical that one who listens to the holiday songs because he finds them entertaining brings a severe judgment against himself. However, one who listens to increase his fervor and concentration, will bring blessing on himself. See Minhag Israel Torah Part 3 (619:7).