Crushed Garlic left Overnight



i've heard a few opinions regarding leaving open/crushed garlic in fridge overnight. some Rabbis say to put oil and mix it in, and some say it must be mixed into a food like a salad and then its ok to leave overnight. so if i crushed garlic, put some oil and left it overnight, can i still use it to cook with or it was supposed to be mixed with a salad?


To the Questioner, 

The two opinions to be lenient are 1) if the garlic is mixed into another food, like salad; or 2) if it is cooked or pickled. 

Source: Kaf Hachaim, Yoreh Deyah 116:92. 

Therefore, just putting some oil on it overnight will not suffice according to most opinions, and it is necessary that you mix it in with another food such as a salad.  

With Blessings,