Question Parsha Re’eh



question on parshas re'ea
1)what's the difference between ger toshav and ger tzadik in practicality? ger toshav can eat what jews can't eat!! does that apply to ger tzadik?
2)how do we know when to tollrate and when to shun those around us, our loved ones when they break torah law as it says in this parsha?since we dont have the same clarity as it is needed to have or the san hedrin to pass capital punishment.
thank you


To the Questioner, 

1. Ger Toshav is a non-Jew who accepted to fulfill the seven mitzvot of Benei Noach (Rambam, Hilchos Melachim 8:13-14). Ger Tzedek is the term used to refer to a real Ger, who is obligated in all the mitzvot, just like any other Jew. 

2. We should always tolerate those around us nowadays and reprimand them with an inkling of love. This is because most all of those who trangsgress Torah law today are from a group called "Tinokot Shenishbu", that is, they are like small children who were taken captive and they never really learned what the positivity of Judaism is reallly about (for one or another reason). We should instruct them in positive ways how and why the Jewish people keep the Torah.