Is a Person who does a Mitzva Protected



We learn that if one does mitzvot/ shaliach mitzva one will be safe. I have a relative who was collecting tzedaka and was stabbed many times and an uncle who went to mikva and drowned. One can say his time had come etc etc yet then we can't rely on this when being shaliach mitzva or just doing mitzvot and relying on Hashem that we will be safe. Thank You


To the Questioner, 

The Talmud asks this question (Kidushin 39b) and answers that in a case where danger is present one may not rely upon a miracle - even when going on the way to a mitzvah. 

In a case where one is not exposed to danger, e.g. when in a safe neighborhood where no crime ever takes place, or when going into water with appropriate safety measures and other people are present, we may still rely upon the rule of shaliach mitzva will be safe in regard to ourselves.