Why did G-d create the world?



How do I deal with the following question: Why did G-d create the world? If He created the world for us to enjoy, why? Why does He need us to do that?


Your question is what we call “the question of all questions.” As such, the answer is quite extensive and difficult to express on one foot. I tried to answer this question in my article, “Why G-d created Man.”

 “Lechem Busha” is the earning of reward in the next world with effort and not for nothing. The idea behind it is that the soul needs to build itself, and to acquire its strength through tests and by observing the commandments of the Torah. This is how it can come close to G-d. The idea is to “imitate” G-d by acting in His image, and in order to do so, the soul must choose of its own volition to come close to G-d.

True spiritual happiness cannot be attained through falsehood and imagination, because the only true joy is closeness to G-d. In order to reach this goal, a person needs to act truly in G-d’s image and avoid all falsehood. This subject is explained at length in the following response:

A father who loves his children wants them to grow up to be independent, honest and righteous on their own merits.
So too, G-d wants the souls that He created to strengthen themselves through their own efforts. This way they can come close to G-d on their own merit and not as a free gift.

The “game” is intended to create genuine heroes. The point of suffering and difficulty is to give the soul the opportunity to decide on its own if it desires to be close to G-d through love, and this is the way it can achieve true closeness. But this is a complicated subject, and it isn’t possible to explain it with a short answer.

G-d’s intention was to be revealed to man, in order to give him “operating instructions” of what is good and what is bad, in order that he should fulfill his purpose in life and earn reward in the next world. The goal of creation was to place in it a people who would fulfill His will and merit true goodness. But most of the nations of the world didn’t ask for or desire closeness to G-d. G-d chose the Jewish people because they wanted Him.

G-d’s main goal was to create a nation that would keep His Torah, and that is why the Jews are called the “chosen people.” All who seek closeness to G-d can join them. As it says in the Torah (Numbers 19:6), “And you shall be to Me a kingdom of princes and a holy nation.” Israel is a G-dly kingdom, and the prophets prophesized that in the time of the Redemption and the coming of the Messiah, every nation in the world will know the truth and there will be world peace. Love of G-d and unity is the meaning of life.