Dealing with Pressures of Life



I am a religious woman who has been studying a profession for five years so that my husband can sit and learn for as long as possible, and be involved in outreach.
This Wed. is my final oral exam; 15 minutes and it will all be over, and I have no idea why I am feeling tremendously under pressure. I have taken many tests, even oral exams, and I have always seen the Hand of God supporting me and helping me.

I know for sure that Hashem can do anything and He can put the right words into my mouth. But this time I can't seem to grasp onto that certainty, even though I have seen open miracles throughout my schooling. The way I am feeling seems like I am lacking in gratitude to G-d for all the good He has done for me until now, as all of a sudden I'm thinking He can't help me this time.

The exam is going to be in a language that is not my mother tongue, and it could be this is why I am feeling so worried and pressured. I would appreciate any advice you can give me, and also if you can pray for my success (Edna bat Natalie Rachel).

Thank you very much.


First of all, we will certainly pray for your success.

Secondly, don't feel too guilty. Truthfully, you may be less than perfect in your faith in G-d, but this is normal for any person who is under pressure, especially when he is facing an exam that can determine his future. It is natural that even though we k now that everything is from G-d, we can't always internalize it completely and thus still feel afraid.

G-d should help you that you should succeed. You should be able to support your family comfortably, and your husband should continue learning in your merit.