Kashering a Microwave for Passover



A question i received while teaching a class on preparing for Passover:
Is kashering a microwave from dairy to meat (cleaning it and boiling a glass of water in it till it steams up) sufficient for Passover too? What does covering foods with 2 covers in a microwave do? Is a vacuum conatainer as good as two covers? Does parve food cooked this way change to meaty or milky in such a microwave?


You can kasher a micreowave oven for Passover in the samer manner and it's preferrable to be stringent and place your foods in vaccum bags or containers as you mentioned, they are as good as 2 covers whose purpose is to prevent the steam from the food escaping into the oven. Parve food cooked this way stays parve (even in a meaty oven).