How can Abraham be an example to us if he was willing to murder his son?



I want to know how to answer a person who claims that our Patriarch Abraham can not be a father figure if he was capable of murdering his son, even if G-d had ordered it. Also, he expelled Hagar and Ishmael without scruples and sent them into the barren desert. Thank you.


A person who does not have any prior knowledge of the purpose of living and the purpose of one’s life in This World and doesn’t understand Who the Creator of the world is and what is a human being in comparison, can not understand anything.

In his mind, that person sees G-d as a fellow human being or, maximum, as a ruler with an intelligence similar to his, or perhaps a bit more clever but not more than that. The questioner knows that he wouldn’t carry out the caprices of humans and rulers. But a person who knows his place vis-a-vis G-d and understands that he is a zero and less than zero before his Creator, and he also understands that there is no purpose in the world apart from fulfilling his Creator’s will and the whole purpose of creation is to achieve perfection in the Next World, doesn’t even have the slightest question when confronted by divine commands which appear illogical to him. It is as clear to him as day. I am sure that these words are enough for you, but the anonymous questioner will never understand it until he learns the simple facts of our Creator’s existence, what He is like, and what life is all about.