How to approach my daughter? Urgent ............



We are a family that just became religious and the children are studying in Orthodox schools. Unfortunately we are still connected to the Internet because we need it for work. When we were not at home, our eldest daughter, aged 11 and a half, surfed to see the most forbidden sites. We see this as a very serious thing, and do not know how to talk to her about it. Should we speak to her toughly or calmly? Should we punish her? If so, what means of punishment? It’s urgent.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



G-d forbid, do not get angry with her and talk to her tough. Only explain to her with calm and pleasant words that what she did is forbidden, and G-d is sad when we look at these things. Now is the month of Elul when we have to prepare ourselves for Rosh Hashana and work on having pure fear of G-d.

Of course it is your duty to put a code on the Internet so your daughter will not be able to browse on the computer, or put in place parental controls to prevent her from surfing in forbidden places.