Arba Kosot



I have heard there is an inyan to only drink wine for Arba Kosot and not grape juice. I get ill hen I drink wine and it goes to my head right away. So, do I need to drink wine?



Gemara Nedarim: A Noblewoman said to R’ Yehuda you teach and yet yare are always drunk. (Rashi because his face was always shining). He answered believe me that never drinks except by Kiddush and Havdalah and I need to wrap my head until Shavuot (from pain).
and by the four cups for pesach one is obligated to push himself to drink four cups of wine by the Seder.
The Yerushalmi   Pesachim 10:2) R’ Yonah drank four cups of wine by the night of Pesach and held his head (it hurt) until Shavuot.

The Rashba in Teshuvot (1:338) :one is obligated to push himself to drink wine for rArba Kosot by the Seder.
So rules the Shulchan Aruch 472:6: One who doesn’t drink wine because it hurts him or he hates it need to push himself nad drink to fulfill the mitzvah of Arba Kosot.
So ruled R’ Ovadia Yosef: Even one who wine makes him sick or he hates it he must push himself to drink the wine however that person can fulfill his mitzvah with Grape Juice or raisin wine however if by drinking the four cups he will get ill and have to go and lie down his is exempt and he can’t be stringent on himself and he should just make kiddush on Matzah.

R’ Elyashiv said that which the Shulchan Aruch writes the he must push himself is only where he gets a little pleasure from the wine but if wine is disgusting to him and he can’t force himself to drink it, he does not to have to drink wine since this is not Derech Cheirut (acting like a free man) just as the Shaar Htziyun  (472:52) writes if by drinking wine one has to lie down it is not considered Derech Cheirut and is exempt. .
In conclusion one is only required to drink if he gets a little pleasure from it otherwise, he is exempt. If he can drink grape juice he should. 

How much grape juice does he have to drink?
Pesachim 108b:Rav Yehuda said in the name of Shmuel the Four Cups of wine have to contain enough or Mezigat Hakos (Rashbam- the should have a nice amount for Kos Shel bracha which is a quarter of a Reviit of a Lug which after diluting it with water will be a Reviit).If one drank it undiluted he fulfills his mitzvah. If he passes out from the cup to his family, he fulfills his mitzvah…Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak said that he must drink most of the cup.
What does the Gemara mean he can give out to his family?
The Rosh writes the chiddush is that he does not have to drink the whole cup just most of it. Tosfot (108b) sys it’s enough to drink Mlo Lugmav-a cheekful-but one should drink a whole Reviit.
The Ran explains it is talking about his adult children who themselves have to drink the four cups and Shmuel is talking about a large cup each has many Reviit in it and each one can drink most a of a Reviit from it even though it is only one cup.

The Shulchan Aruch (OH 271:13) one only needs to drink MLo Lugmav.
The Ran says the shiur of Mlo Lugmav is less than a Reviit of a medium person. This seems to be larger than Rov Reviit. So rules the Shulchan Aruch  in OH 612:9.
Some explains that by Yom Kippur the Shulchan Aruch  uses  a shiur everyone agrees to but by the cup of Kiddush, which is rabbinic, he uses the lesser shiur. So to by the Four Cups.
Does this apply if he has a large cup as well?

The Meiri writes that Most of the cup means only most of a Reviit not most of the cup.
The Orchot Chaim in the name of the Ramban writes that most of the cup means which ever cup you have.
The Shulchan Aruch 472:9 rules: The amount on e must drink is that after one dilutes it there is a Reviit and he must drink all of it or most of it and if there is many Reviit the cup many people can drink from it according to how many Reviits there are in the cup. (Mishna Berura most of a Reviit). Some say one need to  drink most of the cup .
R Ovadia Yosef writes that the amount one needs to drink is a reviit (81 grams) and one should ideally drink the whole cup , or even most is enough. If the cup so large ideally one should drink most of the cup but if he drank a Reviit is sufficient.