Cookie Shakes



I was in an ice cream store the other day and they were selling milk shakes with cookie pieces. I was thinking of buying it and  I asked my friend what bracha to make.  He thought it should be Shehakol, but I thought it should be Mezonot. We had the same disagreement about the Bracha Acharona, whether to make  a Borei Nefashot or Al Hamichya. I didn’t buy it in the end, but I would like to. So, what bracha should I make?


The Bracha Rishona should  be Borei MInei Mezonot. The Bracha Acharona  depends if there was a Kazayit (about 27 grams) of cookie inside and that you were able to eat within nine minutes. If so then you would make  an Al Hamichya, otherwise don’t make any Bracha Acharona.

The Gemara in Brachot 36a says: Rav and Shmuel both taught anything that contains the five grains you say Borei Minei Mezonot. Rav an Shmuel also taught that anything which is made of one of the five grains the bracha is Mezonot.( as opposed to rice)
ON Daf 37a the Gemara asks on Rav and Shmuel, “one who chews raw rice should say Bore Pri Haadoma if you ground it up baked it and cooked it even if you can tell it is rice you say Mezonot and Al Hamichya-Teyuvta D Rav ushmuel Teyuvta.”

The Rif explains the Gemara’s question on Rav and Shmuel’s opinion is that we can make  Mezonot  on rice just as you make on the five grains. The statement of Rav and Shmuel that anything which contains grains you say Mezonot stands. Rice however if mixed into anything will lose its bracha . We only say Mezonot when it is by itself.
So ruled the Rambam. (3:10)

The Rosh explains what the Rif meant that rice loses its bracha when mixed with other things that it only applies where the other stuff is more than the rice. Therefore, if you put a little rice into hamburgers, they are Shehakol.
So rules the Shulchan Aruch 208:7: One who chews raw rice says Ha’adama and Borei Nefashot. If one cooked or ground rice and made bread he says Mezonot and then Borei Nefashot as long as the rice is by itself. I the rice is mixed with other stuff and that other food is more than the rice then the rice takes on the bracha of the food it is in.
This is as opposed to mixtures where there are grains inside even if they are a little one says Mezonot.
The Gemara Brachot 39a: Rav Ashi said a cooked dish of Silka without four is Ha’adama but of Lifta were they mix in flour it is Mezonot. They changed their mind and said both of them are Ha’adama because the flour n Lifta is thicken it (not for flavor.)

We se that if flour is added to thicken it not to flavor (like we put in hamburger meat) then the bracha is not Mezonot but whatever is the main part of the dish. However, it is added for flavor then say Mezonot even if is a little.
So, rules he Shulchan Aruch 208:2: the five grains which were smashed up and is cooked even if you mix it with honey and a bunch of other stuff the bracha is Mezonot if it is added to a dish for flavor so you say Mezonot and Al Hamichya. But if you add four just to thicken it then it becomes part of the dish.
So too her the cookies would make it Mezonot.
In regard to the Bracha Acharona:
The Shulchan Aruch says 208:10:

If one mixes flour and with legumes and coked them you say Mezonot and Al Hamichya fi you make bread out of it then you say Hamotzi and Birkat Hamazon, as long as the is enough flour inside that you eat a Kazayit  within Achilat Prat (nine minutes) otherwise you say Mezonot.
It is clear from the Shulchan Aruch that you’ve to figure out if there is enough of a proportion of cookie bits to shake, then you say Al Hamichya.
If not then you have to see if you can drink it within nine minutes since it is cold nad use a straw which makes it difficult to drink the proper amount.
According the second answer rAshi would understand that even if younullified the Cahmetz